Taylor Langan

Jim has played an absolutely pivotal role in my recovery journey. He approaches life with an excitement for learning and allows that mentality to really take a hold early on in recovery. So much of my experience at A New Outlook has been retraining my own thought process and situational responses to be proactive, rather than responsive which has really equipped me to feel empowered in my own actions and daily life.

Jim’s personal approach is based in empathy and understanding. He hears what I’m going through and offers his own experiences or the experiences of others, along with his deep understanding of addiction, to help ground me and allow me to picture myself making positive decisions when I’m faced by those situations myself. Jim is patient, honest, and has a high level of investment in each of his relationships. It’s incredible to know someone is in your corner and always on your team.

My 1×1 conversations with Jim have transcended past just recovery and he’s helped me with family relationships, friend relationships, relationships with partners, while also teaching me to keep a strong relationship with myself at the core of it all.

Life is full of amazing experiences and amazing emotions, as well as hard and disruptive emotions, but feeling everything across the spectrum has improved my awareness and understanding of what it truly is to be human. A New Outlook has taught me to slow down and focus on my feelings, and more importantly, the why behind feeling the way I’m feeling so I can better understand myself and the environments around me.
The happiness and fulfillment I feel in my life after two years of sobriety is something I never pictured for myself.

I highly recommend reaching out to A New Outlook Recovery Services.