Young girl dressed as superhero with red cape and blue mask rides tricycle during the holidays A New Outlook Recovery Services Colorado


Sober for the Holidays

Sober for the 2020 Holidays About this time every year, we like to take a closer look at the unique challenge of staying holiday sober. Sobriety is not just wishful thinking – it’s a daily commitment to making good, healthy choices over bad, destructive ones. Staying holiday sober takes extra effort on the part of… Read more »

Diverse group of people are feeling happiness and give a thumbs up after their workout A New Outlook Recovery Services Colorado


Hopelessness to Happiness

From Hopelessness to Happiness—a Learnable Life Skill If life could be graded, Anthony would give his an “F” with not much optimism for the future. His new job is stressful, his teenage daughter is struggling with depression, he and his wife are fighting a lot lately, and he hates himself for the extra 50 pounds… Read more »